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Posted on July 12, 2017 in athletics

Workout Rules and Guidelines


  • Athletic shorts, closed toe shoes, shirt (student may perform exercise in school uniform, bringing additional clothing is recommended). They should wear workout clothes underneath to start the day. At the end of the day they can remove them.


  • In class students will be asked to Stand Tall, With Eyes on Coach: This means that the student must stand quietly with their eyes on coach, arms to their side, giving the coach full attention.
  • Respect for others (all the students are here to learn, not to be distracted).
  • Listens and Follows directions.
  • Comes to class prepared on time and ready to participate (with appropriate attire)
  • Not distracting to other students or coaches (by talking, making noises, or gestures).
  • Students will address the coaches by name not by (Yo, Hey or Dude).

Discipline for workout:

  • If student is being disruptive he/she will be asked to run do push-ups or squats (per coach’s discretion).
  • If student continues to misbehave, he/she will do additional work out.
  • If student continues to misbehave, coaches will sit the student out of class and have one-on-one discussion with student about behavior.
  • If student continues to misbehave, the student will lose privileges in participation for sport for grades 6-8th, and asked to sit out of next class grades K-4th.
  • If student continues to misbehave, coaches will send them to the office with a referral and phone call to parent.


  • Students must come to sport/exercise class ready to exercise and play a sport. Coaches will not tolerate disrespectful attitudes towards coaches and classmates.
  • Talking back to coaches will not be tolerated. Students will automatically be given extra exercise or workout.


  • Please share any Health concerns or limitations with the coaches prior to workout concerning exercise and participation in day to day activities.
  • Doctor notes and medical releases need to be given directly to the coaching staff and front offices staff. To withhold students from participation and to allow students to resume exercise (PARENT NOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).