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Title I Intervention

School Wide Title I Program Description

What is Title I?

The main objective of Title 1 is to provide schools with additional funding to ensure that all students, regardless of race and socio-economic status, are given the same opportunity to achieve high levels of academic performance.Champion Schools has on staff, a highly qualified, full-time Reading and Math Specialist/Interventionist to ensure that all at-risk students receive the academic support needed to ensure their academic success. Paraprofessionals are also employed to offer additional academic support.

Who Qualifies for Title I Services?

Champion Schools determines if a student is at risk primarily by observing the students standardized test scores in Reading and Mathematics. Classroom benchmark assessments and monthly progress monitoring are also factors that play a part in determining who receives services.Student that score below grade level (approaches or falls far below) receive Title 1 services.

What type of Title I Services are there?

Title 1 services include the student receiving direct instruction in a small group setting, three consecutive days per week for 30 minutes from the Reading and/or Math Specialist/Interventionist or paraprofessional.The student will also be required to attend Reading Rocks and Math Counts at least once per week in each subject area that they qualify for. This is separate from any teacher offered tutoring sessions.


Assessments will be given either monthly or at each benchmarking period, depending on which Tier of services is being received. Progress reports will be sent home to inform families of the progress of each student receiving any Tiered interventions.

Title 1 offers other services to assist families with offering students the opportunity to succeed academically here at Champion Schools.

Any questions regarding the Title 1 program at Champion Schools can be directed to:


Parental Involvement Documents

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