Superintendent Letter – July 10, 2020

Charter School in San Tan Valley | Champion Schools San Tan Valley

Dear Champion Families,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy in this challenging time. We have received word from Governor Ducey that reopening school for students to attend On-site will be allowed on August 17th at the EARLIEST. We are planning for all students attending On-Site and Virtually to begin school on August 17th all together at the same time.

What will the School Opening look like? Our goal is to give students the most normal school experience possible. Classes are designed for both On-site and Virtual students to attend together at the same time. Students attending Virtually will be able to view their Class with Live Streaming. Our Virtual Classroom 2.0 allows Teachers to view the computer screen of students at home and in-person at the same time. Students will be able to ask questions and be called upon in-person or at-home at any time.

CORE Academic Instruction (Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies) will be delivered to ALL students from 8:00-11:30am Monday -Thursday with Virtual Instruction and Teacher Office Hours on Friday. All CORE instruction will be recorded, allowing students the opportunity to view and review the instruction at any time. Students attending school in-person will have Workout, Tutoring, STEM Lab, Intervention, Enrichment, Special Education, and other elective classes in the afternoon until 3:30pm. Students attending from home will have Tutoring, Intervention, Enrichment and Special Education Services virtually. They may schedule an individual appointment with teachers during Office Hours for assistance in any aspect of the virtual learning.

JUMP START Orientation for Students and Parents on how to access Virtual Learning. JUMP START will be provided beginning the week of August 10th. All sessions will be recorded and made available to ALL Students and Parents. Your child will never miss class again. They will always be able to view and review their instruction at any time. JUMP START will cover all programs used in our Virtual Classroom 2.0 including Clever, Go Guardian, Google Classroom, Adobe Spark, Book Creator and many more! These programs will give your student creative new options for demonstrating their learning. Families may also set an individual appointment with Teachers to get help setting up the Virtual Classroom 2.0 during Teacher Office Hours. All of our Champion Teachers are completing Google Educator Certification during the summer.